Management Consultant Insurance

Managers play key roles in business operations. These professionals oversee employees, business operations, and report back to the owner. When management positions become available, they are generally filled from the inside. This basically means a promotion for a hard-working, long-time, dedicated employee.

The manager’s job duty list is endless, but they still love their jobs. Fortunately, most Canadian have a professional sidekick known as an assistant manager. The sidekick can take over some of the manager’s job duties while the manager monitors them every step of the way.


Insurance Protection For Canadian Managers

As a manager, your risk exposures must be addressed on a daily basis. Now, this is not to say, you need to dwell on them every second of the workday. But, it does mean, they need your undivided attention. Keeping them in the back of your mind while you perform your long list of job duties day in and day out will definitely help protect your career. However, risk awareness is not always enough to keep your risks at bay.

To minimize your managerial risk exposures, a Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) policy is a necessity. This policy will protect your career from financial damage when facing a negligent claim.

PLI offers all cover amounts, ranging from 50 to 100 percent, depending on your insurance needs and preferences.


Disability Insurance

You biggest asset in life is your earning ability. If you are unable to work, you will need to rely on either your savings or borrow money to sustain your lifestyle. When these unfortunate circumstances occur, dependents and spouses are also impacted financially and emotionally.

Disability insurance coverage will provide you a monthly income benefit, usually totaling 70% to 80% of your income, when you are unable to work for a period of time due to injury or illness.

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