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Business Insurance Policies For Today’s Deli Owner

Running a deli might not sound like an exciting venture, but you’d be surprised. Providing people with the nutrition and sustenance that they need to get through the day can be something. Putting a smile on people’s faces in a time of need can be something as well. Despite all of this, it is also a business with tons of lucrative potential. Canadians are always on the go with little time to spare. A good deli is always needed for popping in, grabbing lunch, and getting back out. If you love communicating with people and cooking, you’ll be successful in a venture like this. This is, of course, if you take advantage of the right business insurance policies. The right insurance policies will ensure that you, your business, and your employees are protected in certain situations from real threats. Threats that happen every day.

What are these threats and what are the food business insurance policies that can help protect you against such them? That’s exactly what you are going to learn below.


Why Bundle General Liability Insurance With Business Owner’s Policy

When you are out there shopping through the multitude of Canadian insurance providers like ProfessionalsCoverage, you’ll discover that there really are tons of policies available. Some of them might be more complex than others. Some might be more expensive and offer more comprehensive coverage, but there is no denying that there are tons of them available. This is just one of the things that make the industry so confusing. However, it really comes down to knowing your specific risks and how you can safeguard against those risks. While this is something that a good insurance agent can help you with, there is no better place to start than with general liability and business owner’s policy.

This is especially true for the Canadian deli owner. Why? Because these two polices when bundled together offer the protection that you need in-store and on-site. For instance, you are constantly going to be having customers in and out of your shop. Any time someone is in and out of your shop, there is a potential for a slip and fall. Every time someone parks in your parking lot, there is the potential that their vehicle could get damaged. Every time someone is in your deli, there is the chance that they could be injured by an employee.

Maybe someone spills hot coffee on them. Maybe they choke on one of your sandwiches. Whatever the situation is, these are all instances where the customer will look to you for medical compensation. Not only this, but there are even times when you pay the medical expenses, but the customer still wants to sue over the event. This is where general liability and business owner’s policy insurance help. They’ll not only pay the medical-related expenses, but they’ll pay any of the expenses related to the court case.


Why Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Given that you are running a deli, it is safe to assume that you’ll also be bringing on help. There is nothing wrong with bringing on additional employees, as it’ll help you grow and maximize your overall profits. The only problem is that employees put you are more of a risk. And, the more employees you have, the greater the risks will be. You might also stand to earn more of a profit, but it’ll likely mean you’ll pay more for insurance and you’ll be at greater risks. Not only will you be at risk of employees injuring customers or inciting a lawsuit, but you be at risk of lawsuits from the employees.

Employees get hurt on the job all the time, and even in a low-risk industry like the deli industry, it is entirely possible that they could get injured on the job. If this happens, they’ll likely seek medical compensation from you. Are you financially prepared to pay for this out of pocket? Likely not and this is where workers’ compensation insurance comes in handy. It’ll not only cover the medical-related expenses when employees are injured on the job, but it’ll cover their rehab costs to get them back at work. Heck, invest with the right providers like ProfessionalsCoverage and they’ll even offer plans that’ll protect pay for the court-related costs in the event that the employee wants to take the cases to the courts.

Some policies might pay for all or part of the settlement while some might only pay for just your lawyer and court fines. Make sure you know what kind of policies you are getting and when, where, and how they cover you! This will help ensure that you protect your deli to the absolute fullest.


Why Commercial Auto Insurance

As a deli owner, it is also safe to assume that you’ll be offering some kind of delivery service. At least the option will be there. If this is something that you’re going to take on, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Even if you are just delivering out of your personal vehicle, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. If you are delivering food in your vehicle and get into a wreck, regular auto insurance will not offer the coverage you need. You’ll need commercial auto insurance. If an employee is driving your vehicle, you’ll even be at a greater risk because he or she won’t be covered unless you have commercial auto insurance.

The road can be a dangerous and unpredictable place. You’ll want to make sure you are protected at all times, as certain policies can cover you in unique situations. Some policies will cover you and employees in the event that you damage customer’s property, cause medical injuries, or were at fault for the incident. Some policies might cover both the injured party and you. Some liability policies might only cover the damage to the damaged individual and the medical expenses of the individual. There are policies that’ll only cover part of the incident.

Whatever the situation, you want to work with a qualified agent from ProfessionalsCoverage to build a comprehensive package that protects you and your employees to the fullest. You are always best off to get the maximum amount of coverage that will pay for injuries parties, medical expenses, vehicle damage, potential lawsuits, lost wages, and rehab costs. While these policies might cost more, they could potentially end up saving you more in the long run.





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