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There really is nothing more rewarding or thrilling than running your very own business. This is especially true if you are located in Canada. The area is just simply booming in commerce and there has never been better to live in the country. Of course, this is not to say that owning and operating your own business won’t come without many challenges and risks because it certainly will. However, there are things that you can do to mitigate those risks. And, the best news is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so. That is exactly what we are offering without wholesale business insurance. Our affordable, ample, and accurate coverage will ensure that you are protected to the fullest.


What Types Of Businesses Need Wholesalers’ Insurance?

Right now in Canada, there is simply no shortage of opportunities available for the average businessman. However, taking advantage of some of these opportunities will come along with risks and perils. Just imagine all the potential problems that you could run into in the heavy machinery industry. Now just imagine trying to run a chain of supply outlets. Whatever type of business you are thinking about getting into, there is simply no denying that the risks are there. And, they are widespread. This is why it is always important to ensure that your coverage will measure up when your name is on the line.

There is without a doubt a variety of industries that could benefit from our wholesalers’ insurance, but just to give you an idea we are only going to name a few. Anyone in the food and beverage industry, heavy machinery and equipment, building and gardening, and metalwork can benefit from this type of coverage.


What Makes Wholesalers’ Insurance Essential?

Okay, you have heard over and over that wholesalers’ insurance is essential for your business. However, we really haven’t taken the time to explain why. And, that is what we are going to do right now. To start out, you have to understand that there are a plethora of moving parts when it comes to any wholesale business. Look at the transportation and delivery of your products. And, this is just to name one. You also have to factor in your equipment, your property, retail partners, as well as safety devices and other key equipment that are essential for the day to day operation of your business.

There is simply no denying that you are in charge of your product. You probably discern where this product goes, what demographic it is marketed to, and how much you charge for it. However, this doesn’t mean that you can solely run your business alone. Even wholesale businesses depend on a number of people at various points to help with production and retail. One of these individuals in the whole chain could make a mistake that falls squarely on your shoulder. Do you have the kind of resources and time to devote to other’s mistakes? Probably not, and this is exactly where wholesalers’ insurance can provide the reprieve that you are looking for.

Regardless of the industry that you are currently in, there is always a potential for product damage or equipment breakdown. When major equipment breaks down it could not only cease the running of your day to day operations, but it could potentially put customers or employees at risk of danger. And, this is not to even mention the risk of your reputation and name. Without the proper safety net, you could not only hurt your business’s reputation, but you could hurt your net gains.


What Our Company Can Offer

At ProfessionalsCoverage, we are here to let our customers and potential customers know that we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your business throughout the entire wholesale process. This goes right from the start of the raw goods all the way down to the delivery and sale of the final product. We make it our mission to be there every step of the way as well as have backup plans for when something does go wrong because it eventually will.

We know that each specific industry in Canada faces unique challenges and risk that are industry-specific. Some industries even face greater risks than others. This is why we have expert agents standing by that can help you design and create a wholesalers’ insurance package that will protect you and your business for all unforeseen risks and dangers.

A complete and comprehensive wholesalers’ insurance package should include everything from contingent business income to loss of business income as well as ruined goods, and product impairment on both the manufacturers and wholesalers side. That being said, this is only the start. This type of coverage might protect your product but just look at the other risks that you are faced with on any given day. You have potential slips and falls on site, you have machinery breakage, and you have a vehicle risks. This is why we also offer a range of other coverage that can protect you in these very instances as well as others. Our company offers the following coverage plans:

  • Property Insurance
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Production Machinery
  • Crime Coverage
  • Excess Liability Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Insurance
  • Negative Publicity
  • Product Recall Expense
  • Plus More


What You Will Get From Us

We know that there are a variety of other reliable insurance providers that you can choose from in Canada alone. However, we want you to know that now of them are going to offer what we do. We have an underwriting team that understands your industry and the specific risks that you face on a daily basis. Our agents can help you create a customized coverage package that will protect you, your employees, your product, and your business in just about every situation imaginable.

Not only this, but we want you to know that you can count on our dedicated claims teams. We always want to prevent any kind of loss any time we can, but unfortunately, mishaps do happen. And, this is why we have brokers that are more than willing to work with your and your team throughout the entire claims process. From filing the claim to receiving compensation in the mail, our dedicated staff of knowledgeable and trained agents will be there for you.


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