Commercial General Liability Insurance Benefits

As a business owner, you should be very familiar with commercial general liability insurance, also known as GL (general liability). Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. And, one of those responsibilities is protecting their company from financial loss associated with accidents and injuries that occur on the job. A CGL policy represents legitimacy for all companies in Ontario, because it can help lessen the concerns your business partners and clients may have. In fact, it can be the difference from getting hired for a job or not.

General Liability Insurance for the growth of a small business

CGL insurance can have a positive impact on business growth and reputation in the following ways:

Shows Responsibility

Businesses that carry general liability insurance appear to customers as being very trustworthy. In fact, most consumers will not even consider hiring a company that is not fully insured, because they do not want to risk financial loss associated with accidents that occur on the job. A CGL policy demonstrates that you are willing to accept these responsibilities, which is something that consumers are looking for in a service provider.

Demonstrates An Established Business

Commercial general liability insurance is the best way to protect your livelihood, your company and employees, against financial loss associated with third-party claims and lawsuits. Business owners who take their responsibilities seriously must carry CGL insurance, as it shows consumers and potential business partners that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect your business from the above risks.

A customer who trusts your products and services will be more likely to recommend them to their friends, co-workers and family members.

Get More Contracts

In Ontario, CGL is not always a requirement. However, consumers consider it to be extremely important, because it means they are not liable for accidents and other mishaps caused by your company. Most consumers are not willing to accept responsibility for such mishaps, so they will pass a company that is uninsured over without giving it much thought.

Commercial general liability coverage is a great way to increase your client contracts. It signifies that you are willing to accept responsibility for your mistakes and protect your company and the best interests of your clients.

Certificate Of General Liability Insurance

A certificate of general liability insurance is a requirement for most client contracts. The certificate validates your CGL insurance coverage. If you are covered through ProfessionalsCoverages, just contact our office to request a certificate of insurance. The document can be mailed to you via email or snail mail. Our goal is to make sure there is no delay in you getting that much-needed contract.

A licensed broker can explain to you the benefits of having this insurance along with giving you a breakdown of how the cost you have to pay for a policy is totally worth every dime.

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