Commercial General Liability – Livestock Farmer Insurance Coverage

Livestock farmers are responsible for producing dairy products, meats, eggs, and other products. While most of these farmers are only responsible for one type of livestock, others are left dealing with various livestock. Whatever the case may be, you have risk exposures that could lead to third-party injuries, death, and property damage. 

The solution to decreasing the financial burden of class- and civil-action lawsuits is livestock farmer insurance coverage. This is a special type of Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance that covers non-professional negligent acts that lead to property damage, advertising injuries, death, and personal injuries.


Customized CGL Policies For Specific Risk Exposures

Unfortunately, on-site injuries are not the only type of mishap that livestock farmers have to worry about. There is a long list of risks that these farmers are exposed to. These risks include:

  • Production loss due to malfunctioning and stolen equipment
  • Illnesses and death caused by tainted animal products
  • Damage caused by misleading advertising campaigns
  • Downtime caused by diseased livestock
  • Damage caused by fires and natural disasters
  • Downtime caused by power outages

As a livestock farmer, it is your responsibility to protect your employees, company, and customers from these risk exposures. While there is no way to prevent all mishaps, you can minimize the financial damage by obtaining and carrying CGL insurance.


Know Your Options – CGL With Special Extensions

As much as farmers would love to be able to control the weather, it is just not possible. Livestock farms are located in rural areas with limited resources. Since the population density in these areas is extremely low, farmers do not have access to fire departments, hospitals, and other emergency services in the event of bad weather.

Working in rural areas can be harsh for farmers and their employees. This is especially true for farms that are located in tornado alley and flood zones. And, most of the time there is nowhere to run. So, the only protection option you have available is manufacturer CGL insurance with special extensions, such as Commercial Property coverage. Farm Choice policies can be customized to cover all of your risk exposures.

Heat Prostration Insurance

Livestock farmers work with licensed veterinarians to keep their animals healthy and free of diseases. One of the most common and deadly types of diseases that afflict livestock is respiratory illnesses. These diseases cause coughing, eye discharge, shortness of breath, and nasal drainage. And, if not treated properly, it can lead to death.

It is a major loss when farmers lose some, most, or all of their livestock. The death of the livestock will call for production processes to be suspended until the animals are removed and replaced. The financial damage caused by diseases can be very costly to livestock farmers. 

High waves can also lead to the death of livestock. To minimize the financial burden caused by heat exhaustion, you will need to add Heat Prostration coverage to your basic CGL policy. This policy covers the cost to replace and remove the animals. 

Milk Spoilage

Not only do you need to ensure that your cows are healthy, but you need to ensure that their products are pristine. Although keeping your cow in peak condition is essential, it won’t always ensure that your product stays that way. This is exactly why many livestock farmers have to utilize specialized equipment to keep their milk safe and sound. Unfortunately, these cooling systems are just that, systems. And, they can experience mechanical breakdowns. If you have a whole load of stock stored in one of the coolers during a breakdown it could be financially devastating.

And, this is not to even mention if the customer comes looking for compensation. Luckily, we are here to provide the relief that you need. That relief comes in the form of Milk Spoilage Insurance. This coverage will not only cover the loss of your product, but it will cover any compensation that the client wants to seek out.

Top Up Extension

Ultimately, you cannot survive without adequate coverage. By acquiring top-up coverage, you’ll provide yourself with a little extra protection. This type of insurance is crucial for anyone who is running a livestock manufacturing company. While some incidents might seem small, they can result in major repair costs. Your barn might fall apart and collapse to the ground. Then, you’re going to have major problems on your hands. Your property insurance may not cover the costs. If not, you need top-up coverage. This will increase the coverage and provide you with more peace of mind.

Getting this type of extension is a good idea. Working with the ProfessionalsCoverage team is the best way to determine if this coverage is essential for you.


Dealing With Your Risks

At the end of the day, you need to learn as much as possible about your risks. Remember that you’re running a livestock manufacturing company so many things can go wrong. Well, you can minimize those risks by working with us. We offer consultation to ensure that you’re able to learn more about the risks that you’re facing. Simultaneously, we can provide you with a risk assessment. Our company believes that providing you with additional information can help. This is why you’ll want to work with us. After you’ve received our analysis, you can begin taking steps to minimize your risk.


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