Understanding Farm Produce Insurance and What It Covers

If you are a farmer or thinking about getting into the industry, there has never been a better time. In fact, now might be the very best time. All that aside, if you are going to get into the business, you will need to make sure that you are protected to the fullest. If you aren’t protected, it will not only affect your business, but it could potentially affect your family and their financial well being.

How does one go about ensuring that their farms are protected? One of the best ways to start is by investing in an policy that provides liability insurance for farm owners. While each insurance firm out there is different, most of them will offer farm produce insurance. Most of these packages can and will include anything from grain to milk and honey, feeds, fodder, hay, straw, silage, agricultural products of the soil, fruits and vegetables, herbicides, and pesticides.

Unfortunately, tobacco and lumber are not considered produce. For more information on what is and what isn’t covered under these types of policies all you have to do is reach out to us a ProfessionalsCoverage. We will put you in touch with brokers and agents that are specifically trained and knowledgeable about farm produce insurance.

Fire And Lightning Produce Coverage

Farming might be an extremely lucrative industry for the right individuals. With the right land and location, you might be able to grow and cultivate some crops all year long. That being said, this does not mean that farming doesn’t come without risks. And, some of those risks are natural disasters. There isn’t much you can do if your crops get struck by lightning and catch on fire. Luckily, with the right protection and coverage, you can ensure that your crops are protected in these very situations.

Fire and lightning produce insurance is a package that will protect your crops in the event that they burn down, exploded, or are ruined due to lightning.

Fire And Extended Perils Produce Insurance

Fire and lightning are not the only threats to farmers and their crops. Some individuals located in certain parts of the world have to worry about tornadoes as well as hurricanes. Luckily, this is where fire and extended perils produce insurance can help out. This type of coverage pretty much offers the same coverage as fire and lighting. The only difference is that it extends the coverage to windstorms, tornadoes, aircraft damage, vehicle damage, riot damage, vandalism, and theft.

Milk Contamination Endorsement Insurance

Crops are not the only way to make money on a farm. Some farmers will even have a couple of cows so that they can produce dairy products. People love dairy and if you have looked at the prices of milk lately, you already know that it is going at quite the rate. Unfortunately, selling milk isn’t as easy as it once used to be. It’s not like just going out, buying a cow, milking it, and then selling that milk. Nowadays farmers are required to use specialized equipment and refrigeration units to store and sanitize the milk. Not only is there a lot that can go wrong during this process, but you still have to worry about the health of your cows.

What if your entire yield is corrupted because of the medications that you gave your cows? What if your refrigeration unit breaks down in the middle of the night and your milk spoils? These are all very possible scenarios and happen all the time on farms all across the world. Luckily, this is were milk contamination endorsement insurance can help out. We can put you in touch with agents and brokers that offer this specific coverage to ensure that you, your cows, and your milk equipment are protected to the fullest level possible.


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