Poultry And Farm Livestock Insurance: What You Need To Know!

Canadian livestock and poultry farmers are exposed to a broad range of risks on a daily basis. These risks include diseases, heat, pollution, accidents, snake bites, natural disasters, and chemical spills. With so many risk exposures, it only makes sense to get insured. A basic or comprehensive farm insurance policy is the best place to begin. To ensure you and your assets are fully insured, you will need to add additional coverages.

What Does Farm Livestock Insurance Cover?

Raising livestock in Canada is extremely risky and unpredictable. The loss of livestock can lead to devastating losses for all farmers. To protect against these risks, you will need to obtain and carry livestock insurance. The insurance policy protects you and your assets in the event of an accident, disease, or sickness.

Livestock insurance covers all kinds of livestock, including cattle, emus, pigs, horses, hogs, sheep, mules, and goats. 

What Does Poultry Insurance Cover?

Poultry insurance is very similar to livestock insurance. The policy covers the cost of replacing domesticated birds that are diseased, sick, or fatally injured during an accident caused by normal farming operations.

Poultry insurance covers ducks, chickens, pheasants, geese, ostriches, quails, and turkeys. 

Where To Start Building Your Farm Insurance Policy?

As mentioned above, the best place to start building a farm insurance policy is with a basic plan. We recommend starting with a farm or farm operations policy. If these policies are not suitable for your farming business, you can opt for the limited animal mortality policy instead. You can also combine all of these coverages into a farm policy that will meet or exceed all of your risk exposures.

Other Farm Coverage Recommendations

Starting with a basic liability insurance policy, you can add as many additional coverages as necessary. Some recommendations include:

  • Property insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Herd insurance
  • Blanket insurance
  • Weather event insurance
  • Natural disaster insurance
  • Farm equipment insurance
  • Cattle mortality insurance
  • Dead body removal insurance

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Poultry and livestock are exposed to chemicals, bacteria, weather, loud noises, and dust. All of these factors can lead to disease, illness, and death. To protect your investment, we recommend poultry or farm livestock insurance coverage. Contact us today to request your free insurance quote. We will connect you with a professional, certified insurance agent operating in Canada. 


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