Store Insurance

Whether you are a small or large business owner in the Ontario area, there are a variety of situations where store insurance can come in handy. Not only will this specialized coverage protect you from financial loss, but it could protect you and your business from a number of lawsuits as well. As a storeowner in the Ontario you are always at risk of someone slipping and falling in your store. What happens if your property gets damaged of merchandise gets stolen? What if your key employees get injured on the job? These are all real risks that Ontario store owners face on a daily basis, and there are the exact situations where insurance for retail store can come in extremely handy.

Not only is it important to carry the right amount of insurance, but you have to ensure that you are covered with all the right policies as well. Some of the policies that a store owner might need on a daily basis are:

That being said, what most store owners don’t realize that they can now bundle these packages by taking advantage of your ProfessionalsCoverage Business Program. The program we offer allows just about any business owner in the Ontario area to customize their coverage to meet their specific risks needs. You can combine property insurance with commercial auto insurance and building loss insurance by telling your broker to craft a business owners package for your business.


Do You Need Store Insurance?

Here at ProfessionalsCoverage we urge every store owner to invest in store insurance. Any small business or retail store could greatly benefit from being covered by our most basic plans. Here are some other businesses in the Ontario area that might want to consider investing in our policies:


Just keep in mind that in Ontario and the surrounding areas the laws and regulations might vary. In fact, there are some places in Canada where these policies are legally required before you can even open your doors for business. That being said, if law does not require these policies in your area, you would still be highly mistaken not to invest in them.


Business Owners Policy

Unfortunately, not just one policy will be enough to ensure that your business is protected at all times. And, this is why it might be imperative to combine several unique policies throughout business owners policy program. You can combine general liability insurance with property insurance and loss of income coverage. The general liability policy would cover you in the event that you are facing a lawsuit due to negligence. It can also protect you in the event that a customer slips and falls in your store. Loss of income coverage on the other hand would protect you in the event that your merchandise is stolen, lost or damaged.

To find out what policies best suit your company and its risks you can always give us a call here at ProfessionalsCoverage and speak with one of our highly trained agents.


Workers Compensation Insurance

If an employee gets injured or suffers with sickness while working, the cost of medical bills and a % of lost income for the worker can be covered by workers comp coverage. It is always best to speak to a broker to see how this coverage works with your store insurance policy.


Insurance for vehicles

Many business owners use vehicles to conduct business operations. We offer commercial vehicle insurance for:

  • Vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Business automobiles
  • Utility trailers



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