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Canada is home to thousands of Christians, Roman Catholics, and Muslims. Suffice to say, the country has lots of churches to accommodate these individuals and their beliefs. Churches can be very helpful when it comes to helping Canadians in need. Whether they need a place to stay, something to eat, or someone to listen to them, a church is a good way to go. So, running a church in Canada will be rewarding. Still, you have to remember that churches operate as nonprofit organizations so they face a lot of scrutiny.

You need non profit insurance to defend your church from allegations of injury, discrimination, misconduct, and property damage. Even if they’re lying, you cannot gamble with your church’s future. Having insurance is the best way to protect your name and your organization. Remember that you can obtain quotes from numerous companies online before comparing those quotes and getting the lowest price.

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What Insurance Do Churches Need?

As a church owner or someone responsible for a religious organization, you need a handful of insurance products. If you miss something, you’re going to leave your nonprofit organization open for heartache. You don’t want this to happen so you’ll need to obtain a business owner’s policy and so much more. With the right insurance, you will be able to protect your nonprofit from all potential problems. So, which insurance plans are most important?


General Liability Insurance

First, you’ll want to protect your religious nonprofit with general liability insurance. When you have church service, you know locals are going to visit your church. They’ll want to worship with you and others from the community. This is a good way to get closer to God but it comes with great risks. During their visit, problems may occur. Someone may slip and fall. Or, they may get tramples due to someone pulling a fire alarm. You have to make sure that your nonprofit is protected from potential problems like this. General liability insurance is the answer you’re looking for. With this insurance, you can protect your nonprofit from common accidents such as slip-and-falls.

Furthermore, it offers protection from lawsuits associated with slander and libel.


Business Owner’s Policy

While you’re not running a business, a nonprofit will be similar. A nonprofit operator needs a business owner’s policy too. The business owner’s policy or BOP ensures that your church is going to be protected thoroughly. This policy combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. It is a must for any nonprofit owner in Canada. Once you’ve acquired a BOP, your church will be protected from numerous problems including visitor injuries, damage to your property, and damage to the property of your visitors.

Before someone arrives and worships at your church, you need a business owner’s policy. Otherwise, you’ll gamble with your future.


Professional Liability Insurance

You’ve likely heard of errors and omissions insurance. Well, you should know that E&O insurance is another name for professional liability insurance. Since you’re running a religious nonprofit in Canada, you’ll want to make sure that you have sufficient professional liability insurance. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong in a church. Your preacher may be sued because he failed to realize that one of the worshippers was thinking about committing suicide. There was likely nothing you could do but you’re being held responsible anyway. Should your nonprofit be forced to close due to this problem? If you say no, you need a professional liability insurance plan.

In this type of situation, this insurance would protect your nonprofit. It offers protection from claims of negligence, failure to perform your professional duties, and lawsuits filed due to misconduct. Protect your church from small mistakes with this insurance.


Directors & Officers Insurance

Most nonprofit organizations have a board of directors. The directors may make very important decisions for the nonprofit. Without their guidance, your organization would likely be in trouble. The only problem is that people tend to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect so one of your board members may do something wrong. If a board member makes a bad decision, they might be sued because it led to financial loss for the church. Having D&O insurance ensures that the board member or officer is protected from paying these legal expenses. It can protect your church from defamation made by an officer or board member.

It also ensures that you’re protected from mismanagement of funds and failing to perform your required duties.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Having a nonprofit organization means that you’ll need a handful of workers. You need an accountant who can keep up with your donations and expenses. You’ll also need a preacher who can help locals. You’ll need a lot of workers and you’ll want to protect these people. By obtaining nonprofit workers’ compensation insurance, you can show your workers that you sincerely care. You’ll show them how much they mean to your nonprofit organization. Furthermore, you’ll be able to help these individuals when they need your help the most. If they get hurt at work, this insurance can help pay for their medical expenses. If they cannot return to work, it’ll partially pay their missed wages.

Unfortunately, some Canadians are going to get angry when they’re injured at work. They may decide to blame your company and sue. If this happens, you’ll want to be protected by workers’ compensation insurance since it can help you deal with lawsuits linked to employee injuries.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Running a church means that you’re going to be working closely with the public. At the very least, your workers will be working closely with these individuals. So, there is always a risk that a relationship is going to sour. Something bad could happen and one of your colleagues may be accused of sexually harassing a member of the public. Or, your organization may be criticized for not hiring someone based on their appearance, health, or religion. You were a little too hard on one employee and now they’re saying you harassed them. You’ve been hit with a lawsuit and it could ruin your nonprofit organization. To prevent this from happening, you need employment practices liability insurance.

This insurance will pay the legal costs when your company is sued for wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, or violating an employee’s rights. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get employment practices liability insurance now!


How Much Will You Pay For Nonprofit Church Insurance?

Nonprofit insurance for churches is paramount. Failing to get covered means that your business is exposed. You’re gambling with your future. You may believe that church insurance is going to be too expensive but this isn’t the case. Instead, the costs are going to depend on the type of organization that you’re running. Having fewer employees and owning less equipment means you’ll pay less in the long run. Furthermore, you should understand that your location and annual revenue may impact the total of your premiums. To get the lowest price, you should work with several companies and ask for quotes. Compare these quotes and make sure that you get the lowest plan with the best coverage.

You’ll also want to get in touch with ProfessionalsCoverage. With their assistance, you’ll be one step closer to protecting your nonprofit church.


Do Religious Organizations And Churches Need Insurance?

While you may believe others, all Canadian religious organizations and churches need insurance. As a matter of fact, you need a handful of policies so you can survive anything and everything that comes your way. If someone gets injured at your church, you could be sued. If their vehicle is damaged in your parking lot, you could be sued. Alternatively, someone may claim that your organization discriminated against them due to their religion or sexuality. With so many risks, you cannot run a Canadian church without having insurance. Put your mind at ease by getting insurance today!





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