Errors and Omissions Insurance for Professionals in Ontario, Canada

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O Insurance) protects professionals & their businesses financially if they get sued because of negligence, errors, mistakes, and other reasons. This insurance is also called professional liability insurance & professional indemnity insurance in Ontario, Canada.

Why is having Errors & Omissions Insurance protection Beneficial for my Business?

In the Ontario area, errors and omissions insurance is often times referred to as professional liability insurance. E&O insurance protect your business in a variety of instances. In the event that you or one of your employees is legally liable for negligence or misinformed information, to name a few exposures, this insurance policy can protect you financially. It may pay for the financial loses of the customer along with any potential lawsuits settlements and legal fees.

What Businesses Need E&O Insurance?

If you are in a profession that provides services or advice to the public you absolutely need errors and omissions insurance. Here at ProfessionalsCoverage, we offer this policy to consultants, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, and a variety of other businesses. In some situations, it might even be necessary for business partners and licensing boards to acquire this type of policy. In fact, it might be required by contract.

At the end of the day, any business is at risk of a lawsuit if they cause customers to experience a financial loss. For instance, as a lawyer you are often times required to give your clients advice. If you tell your client to plead guilty in order to avoid jail time, but he or she ends up getting jail time anyway, they could sue you for misinforming them. This is why it is always imperative to make sure that your business is protected in the event that you are faced with one of these situations.

Please find the list of professions we commonly insure below:

Academic Testing Centres
Accident Investigation
Accident Prevention Consultants
Adoption Agencies
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Agents & Services
Aerial Mappers
Alarm Monitoring Services
Allied Health Professionals
Alternative Dispute Resolution Firms
Alternative Energy
Answering Services
Arbitrators & Mediators
Arborists / Tree Surgeons
Architects & Engineers
Architectural technicians and technologists
Auctioneers, Auction Houses
Blueprint & Photocopy
Boat Registrars
Building Designers(Bill 124)
Business Brokers/Managers
Business Consultant
Business Enterprise Agencies
Business Training Courses
Cabling Designers
Camera & Photo Supply Stores
Careers Advisory Service
Catering Consultancy
Cereal Growing Advisors
Chambers of Commerce & Trade
Civil engineers
Claims Adjusters & Administrators
Collection Agencies
Commercial Printer
Communication Consultants
Company Formation
Company Search Agency
Conference & Event Management
Conference Facilities & Services
Conservation Consultants
Conservation Organizations
Consumer Organisations
Contest Managers
Contractors Accountants
Convention Planners
Counselling & Advice Services
Court Reporters
Credit Reference Services/Bureaus
Custom House Broker
Customs & Forwarding Agents
Data Processing Services
Database Managers
Day Spas
Decorators – Interior
Dental Laboratories
Dieticians (Consulting)
Directors and Officers
Documentary creators
Employment Agencies
Employment Agencies/Recruiters
Employment Placement Agencies
Energy Audits & Assessments
Environmental Engineers
Event Planners
Excess & Umbrella Liability
Fitness Clubs
Foreign Legal Consultants
Holistic Professional
Home inspectors insurance
Immigration Consultants
Independent Contractor
Industrial Designers
Information Technology
Interior Designers
IT Contractor
IT Specialist/Technician/Programmer
Lawyer’s Excess Professional Liability
Long Term Care
Management Consultants
Medical Clinics
Medical Devices
Medical Professionals (Malpractice Insurance)
Medical Related
Medical Student Malpractice Insurance
Mortgage Brokers
Multimedia designers
New Media
Occupational Health and Safety Consultants
Placement Agencies
Private Investigators
Process Servers
Product Designers
Professional Entertainers
Professional Organizer
Professionals Liability
Project Managers
Property Managers
Publishers and Printers
Quality Control Consultants
Recruitment and Employment Agency
Recruitment Consultants
Research & Development
Roofing Consultants
Safety Engineers
Service Organizations
Solar & Wind Farm Engineers & Consultants
Spa Package
Structural Engineers
Tax Prepares
Technology Companies
Therapist Professionals
Town / Urban Planners
Training Providers/Trainers
Translators etc.
Travel Agencies
Travel Agents
Travel Agents, Tour operators
Web Designers
Web-Site Designers
Workplace Engineers & Consultants

What Does E&O Insurance Cover?

Here at ProfessionalsCoverage, we offer a variety of unique E&O policies that can protect your company in certain situations.

  • Actual or Alleged Negligence – Whether you give misinformation or provide a service that results in a financial loss to your customer, our negligence protection can cover you. Whether you are actually at fault our not, this coverage will protect you.
  • Defence Costs – Even if you aren’t at fault, you are going to be dragged into court, which will result in hefty lawyer and court costs. E&O insurance can cover these costs, regardless of the situation.
  • Staff or contractors you hire temporarily –
  • Claims from the past (Retroactive Coverage) – Your policy can provide coverage for claims that arise out of your past provided there is a retroactive coverage clause on the policy. This clause extends the policy coverage to a certain date in the past. The purpose of this is to provide protection for claims that arise from your past work.
  • Claim Settlements – In the event your liable to pay an amount of money legally, the policy will cover the claim settlements up to the policy limit and provided that the cause of loss was insured under the policy.
  • Libel & Slander – In the event you or your employees cause damages by wrongfully attacking a persons character, this coverage can extend coverage for the damage causes. Imagine you or your employees unknowingly spread false facts about a competitor’s operation which resulted in their reputation being hurt leading to them losing business.
  • Copyright Infringement – There might even be situations when some customers, clients, or business competitors claim that you stole their ideals or business models. E&O can protect you from these types of claims.
  • And other exposures – You must speak to a broker about your business’ exposures to determine what risks will be covered and which will be not.

Our E&O policies even offer the protection that you need for previous jobs and advice, regardless of where in the world the job was performed or where the advice was given.

What an E&O Insurance policy will not cover

  • Any fraudulent actives conducted by the business.
  • Any fines that the professional is obligated to pay.
  • Making false claims to induce clients & customers to choose working with your business.
  • If the government or authorities are involved with the insured because of a criminal act.
  • If the risk is already covered under another insurance policy.
  • If you conduct improper employment practices which result in a claim, this policy will offer no coverage.
  • No coverage is offered in the event employees get injured while working as this exposure is covered under a worker’s compensation insurance policy.
  • No coverage is offered for claims that arise out an exposure that is covered under a commercial general liability insurance.

What Policies should I have in addition to E&O coverage?

While E&O protects the professional from negligence and similar exposures, it does not offer protection for damages, losses, and injuries that occur as a result of the client physically suffering.

CGL Insurance

To be fully protected, every Ontario business owner should explore Commercial General Liability Insurance which is also known as CGL insurance & Business Insurance (Business liability insurance).

CGL can provide protection for exposures such as bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury. It is always best to speak to a broker before purchasing coverage. The broker gets paid to help you by the insurance company. Use their services to the whenever you have a question or doubt!

Workers Compensation Insurance

You as a business owner must ensure that employees are covered under a workers comp plan. This would ensure that you are not liabile if he employee gets hurt or is unable to work as a result of performing work related tasks.

Cyber Insurance

With increased number of cyber attacks being a reality this year, every business should have some form of protection that covers them for liability or losses that can occur as a result of the internet.

Cyber insurance can be added on to a policy for a cheap premium annually.

Other coverages

You may operate in an industry that requires very specific coverages in place. Speak to a broker and let the professional craft the policy your business needs.

Cost For Errors And Omissions Insurance

It is true that there are some businesses in the Ontario area that are more in need of error and omissions insurance than others. Sure, this might increase the cost of their coverage policies, but it really means that these at-risk businesses really depend on this policy for certain protection. With that being said, there truly are a variety of factors that can determine your business’s overall cost for errors and omissions insurance.

  • Business Type – The type of business that you are in can make a major difference in the price of your policy.
  • Location – If you are located in a bad area or a high-risk area, there is a good chance that you might have to pay more for E&O coverage as well.
  • Selected Coverage Limits – A company that needs a $2,000,000 claim is going to have to pay more than a company that needs a $1,000,000 policy.
  • Employees – The number of employees that you have can also make a difference in the overall cost of your policy. Companies with more employees will be expected to pay more, because they are at a higher risk.

As mentioned above, each company is going to need a certain amount of coverage and different business insurance policies that include Errors and Omissions Insurance Ontario. This is why it is best to let one of our expertly trained professionals customize your policy for you.

Our agents can help you decide on the amounts and types of coverage that you need to ensure that you, your business, and your employees are protected at all times. You can get free quotes from our website or you can get the toll-free number and speak with one of our agents. We are standing by 24/7 to assist Ontario businesses, small and large.

Get a Quote

Getting a quote is simple process. It starts with speaking to a broker who understands your business and it’s exposures.

Following that, either of 2 things occur:

  1. The broker does an application over the phone and provide you a quote right away.
  2. The broker sends you an application to complete which he or she sends to insurance companies for consideration.

One the broker receives coverage terms and quotes from the insurance company, he or she presents it to you. A good broker should walk you through what you are buying and explain each coverage along with how it applies to your business. This way you know your dime is being spent on what is needed and not just a big package that is broad.

If you agree to the terms and the quote, you instruct the broker to secure (bind) the coverage. From that point on, the broker sends you payment instructions.

Brokers offer this service for free. It should never cost you anything to get quotes. Insurance brokers make money from the commission they earn on securing your account. So… request a quote today!

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