Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance for Ontario Small Businesses

At ProfessionalsCoverage we are proud of the policies and the protection that we can offer to business in the Ontario area. And, that is what makes us one of the top commercial insurance providers in the area. We care about our customer and their small businesses.

Whether you use a truck, van, or car for your business, our commercial auto insurance can offer you the physical and liability protection that you need in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, regular auto insurance just won’t cut it for a commercial business, as commercial vehicles are more at risk than regular automobiles in the Ontario area.

Most people think that commercial auto insurance is for heavy equipment like dump trucks or semis. However, this is not quite the case. Any car, truck, or van that is used for business purposes needs to be covered under commercial auto insurance. Whether you are using the van to provide a service or just delivering materials to a jobsite, you need to be covered with at least commercial liability insurance.

Customized Coverage to Match Your Small Businesses’ Needs

When you are selecting the amount and type of auto commercial insurance to protect your business, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you customize it to suit your specific needs. Certain businesses in the Ontario area might require different amounts and might require different types of policies, but whatever the situation is, commercial auto insurance is imperative for protecting you and your employees. That being said, our company offers a variety of quotes for different types of insurance. You can get a quote for liability, physical damage, medical payments, uninsured motorist, hired auto, non-owned coverage, any auto, and pretty much any type of policy you want.

In addition to this, our highly trained professionals can customize your plan so that it reflects directly on seasonal changes. This will not only ensure that you keep your rates low, but it will guarantee that you get the exact amount of coverage that you need at the right times.

Here at ProfessionalsCoverage, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers and that is why we also offer special benefits like customized policies, competitive rates, discounts, exceptional claims services, and tons of more offerings.

What Our Policies Cover

As mentioned above, we offer a variety of different policies and coverage limits. Our commercial insurance can cover anything for business automobiles to the trailers and equipment that you pull along.

Business Automobiles

Our business auto policies cover cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans and a variety of other small vehicles. We offer small business owners in the Ontario area a variety of advantages with our business auto insurance like discounts and access to networks of auto shops throughout Canada.


Whether you depend on dump trucks or tractor-trailers to keep your small business up and running, we can offer you the protection that you need. We have a claims service that will work around the clock to service your business’s every need. With extensive truck repair networks and discounts, we offer the most affordable and competitive prices in the Ontario area.


Some businesses need trailers to get equipment and tools from location to location. And, that is why we offer specialized coverage for a wide range of commercial trailers. ProfessionalsCoverage will cover anything from the utility trailer to the dump body trailer.

Commercial Auto Insurance Cost

It is true that commercial auto insurance can be expensive, but it is a must for any company that utilizes vehicles on a day-to-day basis. However, if you are looking for the most affordable rates for your small business, look no further than ProfessionalCoverage. Speak with one of our thoroughly trained agents to find out exactly what factors can play a role in determining the overall costs of your commercial auto insurance.

Getting a quote to match your small business’s specific needs is easy when you utilize our website. You can also get the toll-free number off of our website and speak with a live representative. Our agents will not only help you customize your plan to suit all your needs and risks, but they will also help you do it in the cheapest manner possible. We can even go as far as providing you with the exact amount of coverage that you might need for certain given situations.

Learn About Our Discounts

As we have mentioned throughout this article, we offer a variety of special discounts for small businesses in the Ontario area. To learn more about these discounts and see if you qualify for them, you can once again visit our website to learn more information.

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