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With every client, our priority always is to craft a policy that adequately insures the business while maintaining a competitive cost.

Apply for the right insurance coverage for your small business

Business Insurance also known as Commercial Insurance and Liability insurance for small businesses is a coverage that provides financial protection to business owners in the event they get involved in a lawsuit by clients or third parties as a result of accidents, injuries, and damages that occur during a business’ day to day operations.

Basic types of coverages included in a standard BOP (Business Owners policy)

General Liability Insurance – This coverage protects businesses, small or large, against liability insurance claims that rise out of property damage, injuries to third parties or clients, accidents, and legal bills that accumulate as a result of being involved in a lawsuit.

Commercial Automobile Insurance – Most business owners use their personal vehicles for business purposes. A personal automobile policy is not sufficient in providing coverage when it comes to the vehicle being driven for work as there personal auto policies may exclude commercial use for the vehicle. Commercial Auto Insurance provides extensive coverage that extends to providing coverage for claims and lawsuits that arise out of automobile use.

As your business starts growing

When businesses start growing, the need for additional coverage starts increasing. A basic liability and commercial auto policy in most cases no longer becomes sufficient as with the growth, come new risk exposures, which need to be adequately insured. Employees and the type of jobs the business undertakes can require additional and sometimes specific coverages to maintain full protection. Unfortunately, these specific coverages are not offered by a basic BOP policy.

This is where your broker puts together a comprehensive Business Owners Policy package that consists of additional coverages and extended limits. Below you will find additional coverages that are commonly present in a Comprehensive BOP package.

Property Liability Coverage – This coverage provides protection for your building in which the business operates along with the personal property inside it. Both of these assets are not covered by a standard liability policy as a basic liability policy provides coverage for other people’s property, not your own.

Business Income Interruption Protection – If your business in unable to operate, due to an insured peril (exposure) under the policy, business income interruption insurance triggers and provides coverage for the loss of income for the time the interruption lasts. This coverage can also extend to providing reimbursement for expenses such as rent and employee salaries which continue to exist while the business is not in operation.

Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) – If your business offers professional advise or services to the public in exchange for remuneration, they are at risk of a potential errors and omissions insurance claim which may arise as a result of an employee’s negligence, errors, or mistakes. A PLI policy can be endorsed on to a BOP package by advising your broker of the exposure. There is additional cost to doing this, but the coverage is well worth the dime.

In Ontario, business owners must register their employees with the appropriate workers compensation insurance plans and pay the premiums to ensure employees are protected in the event they are injured or become ill while conduction business operations.

If you are a contractor, we can offer a stand-alone general liability policy

Since construction professionals, in most cases, may not require a comprehensive BOP package, we can arrange a custom stand-alone general liability coverage for contractors. Learn more about contractors insurance.

Business Insurance Cost

The cost of business insurance is determined by many factors. To name a few factors that determine premium rates for a business, insurance underwriters often look at:

  • Type of industry
  • Number of employees
  • Type of operations
  • Revenues
  • Past claims
  • Number of years in the business
  • Insurance company loss ratios

To get a concrete quote, it is always best to speak to an insurance broker who has industry experience and access to insurance markets for your business. You can request a quote and get in touch with an Ontario licensed insurance broker or read our guides on how to get a business insurance policy and checklist of information you will need to provide before applying for a quote.

Types of businesses we commonly offer insurance for

We cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are small mom and pop shop or a corporation with 100’s of members, we have the markets.


Electronics equipment
Home improvement centres
Flower Shops


Auto Repair
Auto Detailing
Garage Insurance

Arts & Entertainment

Disc Jockey
Tattoo Artist


Electrical Contractor
Home Improvement
HVAC Technician
Power Washer
Snow Plow



Health & Wellness

Dance Studio
Massage Therapist
Personal Trainer
Pilates Instructor
Health Spa
Yoga Instructor

Personal Care & Beauty

Beauty Salon
Hair Salon
Nail Salon
Tanning Salon

Professional Firms

Finance / Microfinance
IT / Technology

Restaurant & Food

Food Truck
Pizza Delivery


Adoption Agency
Credit Reference Services/Bureaus
Customs & Forwarding Agents
Day Spa
Event Management
Fitness Club
Long Term Care Facility
Medical Clinics
Mortgage Brokerage
Publishers and Printers
Cleaning Service
Dry Cleaning / Laundry
Equipment Rental & Leasing
Event Planner
Funeral Home
Home Inspector
Life Coach
Pet / Dog Groomer




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