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Handymen in Ontario are really fortunate. After all, they shouldn’t have any problem finding work. However, it is also true that handymen have many responsibilities. They often serve numerous purposes in a single day. Handymen may be required to perform electrical work one day and plumbing work the next. The risks are pretty high. Therefore, it is a good idea to shield your business with a sufficient amount of handyman insurance. A simple general liability insurance can shield your company from many challenges that you’ll face in the immediate future.

ProfessionalsCoverage is here to help. Our team of professionals can help you gain a better understanding of what is covered under a contractors insurance policy for an Ontario Handyman. We’ll make sure that your handyman business is covered to the fullest.

Cost Of Handyman Insurance

There is no universal price tag placed on handyman insurance. Some handymen in Ontario will ultimately be required to pay more than others. There are many factors that will help to determine how much your business will ultimately be forced to pay. The work you perform, number of employees, and contractual requirements can all play a role here. If you perform tasks that are deemed high risk, you’re going to be required to pay significantly more than a handyman who does now perform high risk tasks.

Many handymen are required to operate on a strict budget. If you fit into this category, you’re most definitely going to want to do your best to minimize the costs. Finding the cheapest insurance for contractors is great, but you should be cautious as well. Paying too little might cause problems in the long run. This is definitely the case, if your cheap handyman insurance policy is not providing you with a sufficient amount of coverage. Make sure that you get enough coverage to fully protect your business.

Basic Handyman Insurance Coverage Options

  • General LiabilityGeneral liability insurance is a must. After all, it is going to protect your business from liabilities associated with accidents. If you’re found legally liable, the insurance will enter the picture and protect your business.
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance As a handyman, you’ll most likely be driving back and forth. Therefore, you will need commercial automobile insurance to protect your company when transporting equipment to and from the jobsite.

Other additional options

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)You may need a business owner’s policy. This insurance bundle can protect commercial buildings and personal property too.
  • Workers’ Comp If you have employees, you cannot ignore workers’ compensation insurance. It is often a requirement and it’ll protect your workers.

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