Auto Hauler Insurance – Risk Exposures And Protections

Auto haulers are large trailer-trailers that transport passenger vehicles from manufacturing facilities to dealerships. An auto hauler can weigh between 50,000 and 80,000 pounds when loaded with five and nine vehicles. The length and width of these vehicles are much higher than the average passenger vehicle. With that in mind, the risk exposures of these vehicles compared to passenger vehicles are also much higher, which is why the appropriate transportation insurance coverage is even more important for owner-operators of auto haulers.


Know The Risk And Insurance Options

Before any auto hauler operator is permitted to operate in Canada, he/she must undergo extensive training and obtain a commercial driver’s license and auto hauler insurance. These requirements are an effort by the Canadian Transportation Agency and government officials to protect motorists from major financial losses associated with collisions involving auto haulers and other tractor-trailers.

The challenges that auto hauler operators face every day are astronomical. Not only do these drivers have to worry about cargo theft but also potential damage caused by potholes, entrance and exit ramps, constant stopping and starting, and venturing into confined areas.

Your insurance options do not stop at auto hauler insurance. You have the option of adding extensions to the basic policy. These extensions include:

  • Commercial truck insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Cargo theft insurance
  • Cargo insurance


How Important Is Auto Hauler Insurance?

A fully loaded auto hauler can travel up to 516 feet before coming to a complete stop. Many motorists of passenger vehicles do not understand the difficulty of stopping such a large vehicle. So, they do not think twice about pulling out in front of them in traffic. If it just happens that the distance between the auto hauler and passenger vehicle is not enough to give the operator enough time to stop, a collision will occur. 

Regardless of how serious the collision is, the damage can be significant for the auto hauler. Even a minor fender-bender can risk damage to the cargo. Who is responsible for this damage? No other than the owner-operator of the car hauler. If insurance is not in place at the time of the accident, the owner-operator will be required to cover the repairs, medical expenses, and property damage out-of-pocket. If the accident causes extensive damage, you may not have the cash on hand to cover these expenses. So, what are you gonna do? You will have to take out a loan or sell your business to cover the damage caused by the accident.


What Does Auto Hauler Insurance Cover?

A comprehensive auto hauler insurance policy will cover damage caused by flying debris, collisions, thefts, leaking fluids, pothole impact, and inclement weather. 


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