Professional Liability Insurance for Consultants

Professional Liability Insurance – Consultants

In the world today, the average consumer is dependant on either technology, their resources, or professionals in order to conduct business. It is often the scenario where businesses must consult third parties when Professional Liability Insurancethey lack expertise in a particular field or industry and encounter a situation where their money and resources are to be invested. The answer and the ultimate solution for most businesses in this position is getting consulting services from a professional that holds Professional Liability Insurance   and experience in the appropriate field.

This demand for professional consulting, created the need for these professionals to obtain professional liability insurance. As a consultant, your services can be the fine line between a businesses boom or disaster. Your clients put their faith in you and in some cases invest their money and resources based on your recommendations. This job not only holds time and investment, but also comes with a great responsibility. We, professionalscoverage, understand the consumer market and its value for consultants. Being in business for many years has given us the expertise and knowledge to create an insurance policy that is perfectly tailored to the professionals exposures, which in this case are consultants.

Professional Liability insurance is a very broad term. Every professional in the service industry requires this insurance to shield themselves from liability as a result of the services they provided to their clients.

We provide insurance for consultants and often insure the specializations listen below! 

  • Management ConsultantsProfessional Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Healthcare Consultants
  • HR Consultants
  • Safety Consultants
  • Personal Consultants
  • Executive Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Business Consultants


Consultants today must secure themselves from any possibility of a liability. Your customers that earn you big dollars can very easily be the reason for a financial disaster for you or your business. Over the years, with technology innovating and information being available at an average persons discretion with just a few clicks has not only made accessibility of answers easy, but has also made the customer smarter

Your clients today are familiar with claims, litigations, and lawsuits in the case of them encountering a financial loss as a result of another (Professionals). In your field, you may often be required by your clients to obtain a professional liability insurance coverage as a part of the agreement or contract. In the case of a financial loss for the client, they now want the security of recovering from damages through your liability insurance if the loses are a result of your negligence, errors, or failure to deliver to standard.

Some perks that come with Professional Liability Insurance for consultants:

  1. Client Preference to work with you
  2. Financial shield for you and your business
  3. You may land more contracts
  4. Few hundred dollars provide Millions in Coverage
  5. Your piece of mind.

We currently insure 100’s of Consultants Canada Wide. Our policies are tailored specifically to your needs. We strive to provide the best coverage for the cheapest rates. Get a Quote today!

Professional Liability Insurance